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“After I got caught
throwing up, mom
removed all the bathroom
scales. But by then it was
too late, see, I was already collecting and hiding
scales — the way most
sixteen-year old boys
collected and hid porn.

I have always loved
the spoken word. There is something about the actual speaking of words that, for me, adds depth and purpose. Moreover, creating and performing solo-work transports me to a place where everything about me fits and matters, a place where I feel like everybody is pulling for me, a place where I feel distinctively beautiful.

Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls: Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy explores my process and pattern of identity construction, specifically how growing up fat, dark-skinned, gay, bulimic and adopted by white folks affected and shaped my maturation. As a storyteller, I am well aware of the role that time and distance play in the retelling of stories. Gratefully, by inhabiting the language, setting and timeframe of each story, I was able to create a body of work told through the aforementioned lens. Perhaps the most delightful part of this process has been partnering with esteemed organizations, including: Brownbox African-American Theatre; The Bent Writing Institute; The Pat Graney Company; Seattle Poetry Festival; Seattle Poetry Slam; Voices Rising; and The Central District Forum’s Creation Project.

Throughout this process, my intentions have been to write create and perform compelling and entertaining works. Regarding my audience intentions, for you I simply hold fast to the possibility that my performance will speak to you in a voice of your understanding. If it is entertainment you seek, it’s here; education, it’s here; healing, it’s here; reconciliation, it’s here. Of course at the end of the day, Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls: Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy is simply the reclamation story of a twelve year-old boy who found shelter and self-preservation in a restroom stall and remained there for a decade and a half.

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