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“A couple months
ago a phone rang in
my dream... it was a
producer from Jeopardy,
no, not that Jeopardy—
“WhiteGirl” Jeopardy.
He was calling to invite
me to be a contestant
on the WhiteGirl Jeopardy Tournament of Champions.”

The News Tribune
Tacoma stage performer finally comfortable in his own skin Chad Goller-Sojourner… takes on the pain of growing up ‘too black, too gay, too fat.’
By Rosemary Ponnekanti

For one guy, Chad Goller-Sojourner’s got a heck of a lot of stories to tell. Like the sixth-grade bus trip where the kid behind called him a tar-monster the whole way. Or 10th-grade biology class, where his classmates held a mock auction for the prize of dissecting his “Nigerian lips.” Or the time he got caught purging by a janitor who thought a girl was sneaking into the boys’ bathroom to vomit.

Seattle Weekly
King of the Outcasts Chad Goller-Sojourner
gorges on fruit pies and feeds you the shame.

By Erika Hobart

He'd already penned the eulogy he wanted read at the funeral. But Chad Goller-Sojourner couldn't kill himself just yet—there was a glitch in the plan that could not go ignored. "I couldn't die until I was skinny," he says. "I imagined people laughing at my fat body in a casket." He'd already penned the eulogy.
For the Love of Chad:
A Bulimic Black Boy Speaks Out

By Jeremy M. Barker

In terms of identity, Chad Goller-Sojourner either hit the jackpot or got the short end of the stick, depending on one's perspective: a gay black man raised by a white family with a "girl's" eating disorder. "I thought it was harder to come out as a Christian in Seattle than to be gay," he told us with a characteristic smile and hearty laugh over coffee recently. Add one more to the list.

Seattle Gay News
Black, Gay and bulimic Chad Goller-Sojourner relates to everyone
By Miryam Gordon

Chad Goller-Sojourner is a Seattle poet, spoken-word performer and storyteller extraordinaire. He's crafted a memoir solo piece, Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls: Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy, which he will performs courtesy of BROWNBOX theater and Tyrone Brown, at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center. Goller-Sojourner talked to SGN about the show, why he loves doing this work, and a brief history of his life.

Seattle Weekly
Sitting In Circles With Rich White Girls:
Memoirs Of A Bulimic Black Boy

By Erika Hobart

In his stage debut and one-man-show nonetheless, Chad Goller-Sojourner shares his story of growing up—get ready for it—black, fat, gay, and raised by white parents. (Augusten Burroughs, relinquish your most-unusual-upbringing title.) Whether delivering a detailed account of losing his virginity in the back of a Datsun B210 or the first time a classmate called him a nigger, Goller-Sojourner is both a heartbreaking and hilarious storyteller.

The Stranger
Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls:
Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Bo
By Paul Constant

Chad Goller-Sojourner is a poet and self-described "spoken word performance artist." Many of his poems have been incorporated into this hour-long solo show. There's certainly been enough drama in Goller-Sojourner's life to warrant autobiographical treatment: He's an African-American gay man born in 1970 in Tacoma, adopted by white parents, and raised in mostly white schools. Things get even more complicated when he develops bulimia, and school officials send him to a support group full of white girls to talk about it.

Seattle PI
Humorous memoir of an eating disorder
confronts identity issues

By Gianni Truzzi

The verbosity of Seattle poet Chad Goller-Sojourner's titles make it clear that the young man has a lot to say, and more than a few issues to work through. The name of his first published volume of poetry, "One Thousand Years Too Early: Fat, Dark-Skinned, Gay and Adopted by White Folks. A Fragmentary Journey Towards Alignment" belies its slender size. It did, however, receive praise from Maya Angelou.

Seattle Times
"Sitting in Circles With Rich White Girls,"
the new show at Brownbox

By Misha Berson

Seattle-based poet Chad Goller-Sojourner premieres a new autobiographical show with a catchy title: "Sitting in Circles With Rich White Girls: Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy." Curious yet? Goller-Sojourner surely has plenty of material to work with.


'Sitting In Circles with Rich White Girls'
and Learning from Failure

By Megan Sukys

As a young, gay black man who struggled with bulimia, Chad Goller Sojourner tells us why he looked at treatment as "Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls".

Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy
By Florangela Davila

What if you were 15 years old and trying to fit in, but all your defining characteristics were anything but mainstream? Seattle based poet Chad Goller-Sojourner chronicles his childhood eating disorder, and also explores issues of race, class and gender in his new solo show premiering this week. KPLU's Florangela Davila invited him into our studio for an interview.

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